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Automotive Training Events

The Goal

BDC Bachelor’s Degree Course is designed specifically for Automotive BDC Manager’s and Director's. This is a two-day intensive training workshop. Students will learn operations management (including proper reporting and accountability), how to customize their CRM to optimize processes that increase customer communication, the correct way to implement video into their daily conversations, and how to turn a “lead” into a true opportunity.  This BDC training class is designed to set your Dealership Business Development Center up for success.

The Agenda


Recruiting & Retention

Proper Department Set Up

People, Process, Technology

Reporting & Accountability

Metrics & Measurements

Integrating BDC & Sales into One Team

Best Practices


CRM Process Customization

Lead Handling & Conversion Source Specific

Communication Verbal & Non-Verbal

Introducing & Implementing Video

Best Practices

Day One

Day one is bell to bell, 8 am to 8 pm, covering the following:

  • Departmental Goal Planning - Where are you now and where do you want to go?

  • Sourcing - Understanding where your customers come from and the best ways to get them to engage.

  • Phone Skills - Best of the best inbound, outbound, objective handling, and call control.

  • Prospecting - How to slice and dice your own database to drive more car deals.

  • Email Best Practice tactics. 

  • Utilizing games and contests to keep your department pumped and competitive. 


Day two is 8 am to 5 pm covering the following:

  • Utilizing Video in your Sales Strategy - We will actually teach you and help you execute in your CRM.

  • Live Call Handling - Not just role play. We are going to take your managers live in your CRM.

  • Texting Best Practices - How to use this communication method without fear of compliance issues. 

  • "A Day in the Life" - Daily, weekly, and monthly management duties to ensure no deals are left on the table.

  • Team Member Reviews - Successfully execute one-on-ones with your team to motivate them.

The Investment

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